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Where is Bhutan? How you can visit like William and Kate and why Bhutan cares so much about happiness

BY ANN GRIPPER , RYAN BROWN Prince William and Kate Middleton are spending two days in Bhutan as part of their royal tour this month. Here are the essentials about the tiny kingdom. Kensington Palace has announced that Prince William and Kate will visit Bhutan, a small kingdom in the Himalayas. As part of their Royal Tour […]

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FROM: Ms. Pov Katheelylla USA Kuzu Zangpo la everyone, Thanks Raoul for a wonderful email. Thanks everyone for sharing and help making my first long guided trip well remember.  This was my longest trek and sleeping in tent for more than 7 nights!  Leki definitely is the best cook!! I made home safely and have […]

Bhutan Honeymoon Tour

5 Of The World’s Safest Holiday Destinations

Bhutan A great alternative to India and Thailand, Bhutan is a beautiful kingdom located in the magnificent Himalayan mountains. You can find amazing landscapes here. Its native culture heavily influenced by Buddhism makes it a great destination for those people looking for some spirituality. Free from many of the internal squabbles that can make life in some […]

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Hello or as we say in Bhutan kuzuzanpo- La! Bhutan is a land about a land of natural beauty primordial ruggedness of deep spirituality and of aged old traditions vibrant modernity. This is a land where tourism is limited to only a few thousand visitors each year. Yet, the hospitality of its people is legendary. […]